Lonely Heroes – Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)


Daryl Dixon

Welcome back to our list of lonely heroes! Let’s talk about Daryl Dixon from the series “The Walking Dead“. Daryl has to be among the series’ strongest heroes by far. He is an extremely adept survivor during this zombie apocalypse and a proficient marksman with his trusty crossbow. His strength lies in his ability to confront near impossible odds without need of his group. As part of his character, he is extremely loyal to all the members in his group and doesn’t hesitate to put himself in harms way for them.

Daryl’s life has been filled with misery.  He came from a very broken home which left him to look up to his older brother–a man that was rarely there for him due to him being in trouble with the law. From a very young age, he was forced to learn how to fend for himself and leading all of the way up to the apocalypse, he hasn’t lost his touch.

What makes Daryl so appealing is that he refuses to accept defeat after being knocked down. Under all of his tough exterior, he possesses compassion and the willingness to fight for those he cares about.

We can all take away something from this man.

Being lonely is an extremely difficult road–we will feel abandoned, life will shut us out in more ways than we care to count, and we will long for the support necessary to confront what life has thrown at us. We will lack the shoulder to cry on when we really need it and rarely will we hear the words, with eager concern, “Are you okay?”.

Daryl shows us that we can still be of value to ourselves and others, despite all of these short comings. Through him, we have seen a true evolution of character which is exactly what we should expect during our journey down this long and unknown path. It is all going to be so difficult, but do not be afraid. We will make it to the end and realize along the way that we’ve become something better–far beyond our expectations.

And so I say to you…have that bow ready.

We are in for a crazy ride.

-Lonely City


Lonely Heroes – Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)



Arya Stark

Welcome to the first lonely hero on our list. Arya Stark, from the series “Game of Thrones” is a true pioneer in the field of loneliness, despite being only a child. She may not possess all of the wisdom and experience necessary to make all of the right decisions, but what she lacks in understanding, she makes up for in her willingness to fight for what she firmly believes in.

Her life experience has been wrought with tragedy–her father and most of her family have been killed off. She has been separated time and time again from those she has grown so close too. Due to her being so young, she lacks the physical strength and swordsmanship expertise to be an effective adversary to her mostly seasoned or well guarded enemies…

…fret not though. Arya Stark becomes the series’ notorious throat stabbing badass.

The beauty of Arya Stark is that she finds a way to adapt to her situation with great precision. In times of loneliness, it really becomes difficult to find our way, as we have essentially lost our footing, whether it be to losing cherished ones or for whatever reason, finding it difficult to fit in and be understood by those around us. The willingness to fight hard to connect with those around us is essential to escaping our, at times, lonely existence.

We can learn so much from Arya Stark–the road of a lonely person is extremely punishing and difficult to navigate. Regardless of whatever shit life throws our way (and boy does that happen often…) it’s up to us whether or not we choose to fight for a better life for ourselves, or give in.

After everything Arya Stark has been through…do you honestly see her throwing in the towel? No? Great. So why should we?

Let’s follow her example.

(Just..ya know…minus the stabby stabs)

-Lonely City