At the Bottom of the Well Looking Up–Complacency in Loneliness


Being too comfortable often breeds inaction.

Loneliness is rarely linear–sometimes, you’ll hit periods of intense inspiration and awe of the road ahead of you. Other times, you’re at your lowest of lows, wishing someone or something could resuscitate such an unyielding existence.

For many of us, the possibility of regaining control of our lives and creating the life we’ve always wanted seems like an impossible dream. The light at the end of the tunnel seems so out of reach that we learn to live completely in the dark.

Much of learning how to live in the dark in this metaphor is essential. What’s even more important however is that we are constantly moving forward to our ultimate destination–wherever that may be. There is very significant difference between embracing the dark and dwelling in it.

Ideally, we should absolutely learn to be happy on our own, without the validation of others to make our lives worth something. This is what it means to embrace the life of loneliness we have before us–to become okay with the company of ourselves in the current moment.

Over time, we will get really good at being lonely…

…so much so, that we almost forget to keep moving towards the light as we sit at the bottom of the well. We forget how to take chances on the world–we forget what it is like to put ourselves out there, only to be shut down. Maybe, we even become too afraid of the world beyond the well, that we sort of give up on it completely…

Always be conscious of your current state, and drive yourself to make the changes necessary to get your life where we want it to be. We certainly won’t get it right the first time around–and that’s okay. It isn’t about getting it right. It is about inching our way forward–however blind we may be. The experiences of our journey will make this battle all worth it in the end. Without challenges, it is nearly impossible to grow…

And so after many attempts and many failures, we will have mastered the world below as we look forward to a bright future beyond that seemingly unattainable and forever unknown light.

The ascent must press on!

-Lonely City









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