Enter Lonely City


What’s up?

How’s your world?

I’m sure you and I have much to talk about, so why not step out of the rain for awhile to enjoy a pleasant conversation?

Like most of you, I know what loneliness is like. It’s ironic–despite living in an age where technology is the best it’s ever been, with the ability for us to connect with one another instantly regardless of where we are in the world, I still find it more difficult than ever to truly connect. Is it just me? Am I falling behind somehow? Have I really lost the ability to become close to those around me?

I’m sure you all are familiar with these types of questions. Most of them are directed inward and…rightfully so. We are, after all, masters of our own destiny, so it becomes quite simple for us to throw ourselves under the bus when things don’t seem to quite work out for us.

Loneliness for all of us is very different–we all come from very different circumstances and live through completely different experiences and adapt to them accordingly. For some of us, loneliness can be quite crippling. For others, maybe it has become a necessary part of existence to become the best version of themselves.

The latter is the sort of mindset Lonely City approaches loneliness. I truly feel that like most negativity in life, we can use it to our advantage to make us stronger and much more capable human beings than we ever imagined.

The hard part however is acquiring and firmly believing the mindset that 1.) loneliness can be extremely beneficial to our growth and 2.) it too is bound by the laws of nature, and as such, will not last forever.

This will all be difficult to wrap your head around as of now, but I promise you, it’ll make sense in the grand scheme of things…someday.

And so, with open arms, I welcome you to Lonely City. Let us enjoy late night talks and trade stories over our favorite drinks on the rocks. It’s gonna’ be late night so, let’s get comfortable and appreciate what the world has in store for us. 🙂

-Lonely City


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